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Help me Find Scholarship Service
Help me Find Scholarship service is one of our service offerings that provides our customers the help they need to search for specific scholarships in their chosen field.
Once you place your order for help to find scholarship, our team will start work immediately. Our request form will make sure that you provide us the basic information that we need such as a full description of your request, Names, Age, Gender, Course of study, Nationality, Language of proficiency, Level of study, Grade Point(GPA) to help find the most suitable and eligible scholarships for you. We will follow up with you for additional information if required. Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly.
Once your order is placed, you should have got an email from us. Please check your email spam folder just in case our email missed your inbox. If you did not receive the email, please use the contact us link to reach out to us. We will need your email to provide you the updates on your order.
Please note that we will only process requests that are fully paid for. If your order is pending payment, no action will be taken on our part.
Other Services

The Ischolarship team also offer the services of writing scholarship essays, scholarship application letters and letter of intents at a very minimal charge.
Ischolarship Team is determined to save you a lot of stress and hassle in applying for a scholarship, so we will always keep in touch with you during your scholarship application process. All these will be evident in the discussion and response forum which you will be able to access from the unique link sent to your email upon scholarship request.
Don’t hesitate now, you could be the next scholarship recipient. Make a request now…………