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Help me find a scholarship-Click to read details

Help me find a scholarship-Click to read details

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Help Me find a Scholarship is a service offered by Ischolarshipgrants to our teaming users. This service was created because of the numerous requests that we receive daily by those who seek to get specific scholarships from institutions abroad.

We know that searching for scholarships can be overwhelming and also narrowing down your search to the scholarships that you are qualified for is a daunting task. This is what we do best.

Here is what we will do for you:

  • We will review your request carefully to understand your interest
  • We will narrow your search to your areas of interest and provide you scholarships that are active
  • We will also ensure that your profile meets the eligibility for the requirements for all scholarships we send to you
  • We will send you six(6) targeted scholarships specific to your area of interest.
  • We will respond within 5 business days of your order received

Please provide as much information as you can when placing your order.

Please note that we do not offer scholarships but will provide you detailed information and links to scholarship donors all tailored to your  specific needs


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