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Help me Draft a letter of intent-For MSC

Help me Draft a letter of intent-For MSC

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Letter of Intent for MSc Program

Whether you are applying for a scholarship, undergraduate, MSc or PhD a letter of intent that stands out can make a great difference in your application. The institution that is offering a scholarship also expects a great deal of returns from students in terms of your contribution to the body of knowledge. As a result, your letter of intent will provide them the opportunity to know you better and is also a tool to help them make informed decision about your candidacy.

We will help you, draft a sticking letter of intent in your chosen field to help you compete for the scholarship that you are applying for.

Before you submit your order, we assume the following:

  • That you have identified a scholarship that you  intend to apply for  but needs help with writing a letter of intent
  • That you have identified an Undergraduate, MSc or PhD  that you intend to apply for and you need help with a letter of intent
  • That you will provide additional information if required to help us draft a suitable letter of intent for your application

Here is what we will do for you:

  • We will ask for additional information if required through our correspondence with you
  • We will send you the letter of intent within 10 business days
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